‘My name is God. I killed satan’: Man, 22, charged with murder after ‘stabbing his father to death over 100 times’

A 22-year-old man is blamed for cutting his dad 100 times previously professedly telling police, ‘my name is God. I executed Satan.’

John William Shenko, 22, is accused of first-degree kill in the passing of his 60-year-old father, Kevin Shenko, who was discovered dead on the ground outside of his home on August 13 in St. Charles Township, the Chicago Tribune revealed.

‘I’m not getting off of him, you will need to shoot me,’ the child advised the agent who touched base to the awful scene, as indicated by a current court documenting by Kane Region prosecutors. ‘My name is God. I executed Satan.’

The man supposedly over and over requested that the representative murder him when he discovered him bare and over his dad canvassed in blood.

A mental exam was asked for by prosecutors for Shenko, who is being held in prison on $2million bond.

As indicated by court records, an assessment was documented on August 18, yet it has been withheld from people in general.

Right hand State’s Lawyer Joe Cullen uncovered what the reacting sheriff’s representative seen when he touched base to the grisly scene at the family’s home after a report of somebody shouting was documented.

The 22-year-old man was straddling his dad’s dead body saying, ‘Bite the dust, pass on, kick the bucket, pass on, bite the dust,’ Cullen composed of what the agent saw.

Shenko overlooked a few summons, so the agent utilized his Taser, as indicated by reports.

The speculate’s mom told experts that he child had a ‘long history of dysfunctional behavior’s and had even been hospitalized three times for mental issues.

His mom additionally said he had been determined to have a mental imbalance and consideration shortage hyperactivity issue. She said he experienced animosity going back to review school and had revealed self-destructive musings.

As indicated by court archives, he additionally has already shrouded cuts underneath his sleeping cushion, plotted to slaughter one of his instructors, debilitated to cut himself and was ‘to a great degree harsh’ to his mom, who he at one point punched in the face purportedly.

‘Because of the respondent’s fierce conduct, Ms. Shenko and her little girl shared a room and would lay down with the entryway secured dread of the respondent’s conduct,’ Cullen composed.

Prosecutors asked for the assessment to evaluate his rational soundness because of the likelihood Shenko ‘may depend’ on a madness guard amid the trial or that he may concede yet rationally sick for the situation, as per the Tribune.

The obituary for the killed father-of-two said that he functioned as a chief at a shower spout maker in Glendale Statures. He was recognized as an enthusiastic angler.

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