EXCLUSIVE: ‘Be prepared to be amazed – this place is sick!’ Bar owner who did a Facebook Live touring Tom Cruise’s Florida penthouse claims Church of Scientology planted a camera to ‘SPY’ and ‘intimidate’ him after video went viral

A Florida bar proprietor who live-spilled himself strolling into Tom Voyage’s half-assembled penthouse has guaranteed the Congregation of Scientology “threatened” and “spied” on him after the video he posted on Facebook became a web sensation.

Earth Irwin, 54, who runs The Fortunate Stay in Clearwater, took to online networking to film his voyage through the performing artist’s incomplete two-story condominium after he was welcomed in by a development laborer in January.

In the seven-minute video, Irwin skillet around to the Hollywood star’s enormous boundlessness pool and rich living quarters.

In any case, the video, which Irwin claims was intended to be “fun,” was not entertaining to Voyage’s kindred Scientologists.


In an elite meeting with DailyMail.com, Irwin claims that following his visit to the star’s home, he was subjected to terrorizing, tormenting, and spying by Scientology agents and he has asked for nearby police and FBI explore.

He told DailyMail.com: ‘I’m from Detroit, I’ve worked in Iraq, I picked Clearwater more than six different urban communities, I thought it was heaven, and didn’t know a great deal about Scientology.’

‘I won’t not have come here on the off chance that I’d thought about it,’ he included with an uneasy snicker.

At the point when reached by DailyMail.com asking for input about Irwin’s cases, the spokeperson for the congregation stated, to some degree,

‘I have no clue what you are charging or where this is originating from.

‘As to our Congregation in Clearwater, we generally keeps up well disposed relations with our neighbors. The Congregation in Clearwater effectively adds to the group and you can see an average case here.’

Irwin says it began when he descended from his home province of Michigan to open an Irish Bar ideal in the core of downtown, just yards far from Scientology’s worldwide central command –  the Banner Building.

Clearwater, Florida has an extensive Scientology nearness , and the congregation has allegedly gobbled up finished $1 billion worth of land in the range and successfully “possesses” downtown. Earlier this year it reported considerably more development designs.

The Mission Unimaginable on-screen character has for some time been a part and a noteworthy supporter of the questionable church.

Upon his landing, Irwin said he attempted to be cordial with his new neighbors.

‘I purchased the bar a half year prior, I was continually attempting to be neighborly. When you catch wind of the congregation, you don’t consider dramatization and intrigue.

‘You think: “Extraordinary, there’s a congregation adjacent.” I needed to regard their tenets on the off chance that they regarded mine,’ he says.

At the point when his bar initially opened, he says high-positioning Scientologists were falling over themselves to be decent, and even heated cakes for him – until his ad libbed voyage through the Mission Outlandish star’s new home.

‘There were bits of gossip that they were building a penthouse for Tom Journey alongside my bar. One development specialist came in, they all savored my bar – well, they used to savor my bar, now they’re not permitted – he told DailyMail.com.

‘I stated: “That is great, I’m a fan.”

Things being what they are, at that point some other time, he stated: “I must go up there to keep an eye on some stuff, why not accompany me?”

‘Who wouldn’t have any desire to see it? One of the greatest on-screen character’s on the planet and his penthouse? I [The video] went live and the thing became famous online,’ he said.

Irwin, who took his canine Bruno along for the visit,  is heard portraying the video to his watchers saying: ‘Be set up to be flabbergasted, this place is wiped out!’

Not long after his communicate, the recording showed up on The Underground Shelter, a blog devoted to giving an account of Scientology.

Individuals from the congregation professedly requested the video be brought down and requested that Irwin erase the recording from his telephone.

‘I went all around, I remained in his pool, the primary individual to do it. I moved a pack of entryways around, I went to rooms that nobody else went to.

‘I saw a protected room, it was by the stairs, by the fire exit, in the event of gatecrashers. I imagined on video that Bruno had gone to the lavatory on the floor, he didn’t.’

The two-story property is over another improvement called The Skyview, which is possessed by one of the wealthiest Scientologists on the planet, Mexican land investor Moises Agami.

The 55-year-old’s penthouse is just a fourth of a mile from Banner Building, where individuals do the most elevated Scientology courses on offer including ones which are implied to give them superpowers.

As per Irwin, the development laborers shared the floor designs with him, which indicate Voyage has a nine-auto parking spot alongside his own particular private auto lift.

He’ll at that point have the capacity to stroll through a path to a mystery littler condominium, which includes a pilot training program, office and little rec center.

The penthouse itself – on the ninth and tenth floors – is fit for the Tinseltown lord, including a rooftop deck finish with an extravagance 39ft vastness pool, solarium, hot tub, and even a bar.

Irwin includes: ‘The development laborer even gave me the outlines, what more might you be able to request? I think Tom was taking the tenth floor, the ninth floor is for his child Connor, he’s a standard over here. We’d just at any point heard great things about both Tom and Connor to be completely forthright.

‘In any case, at that point Tom discovered, and he wasn’t glad, I thought it was fun, cool for companions, I didn’t generally think I was attacking his security, which I was, despite the fact that I’d been welcomed.

‘It was safe, unintentional to make him frantic. The Congregation fat cats came over and requesting that I pull it down, they viewed behind me while I erased it. I didn’t dither to do it. I caught on.’

Irwin felt that was the finish of the issue, however only a few months after the fact, the congregation sorted out a major big name pressed gathering for neighborhood entrepreneurs and chamber authorities.

In Spring, Scientology pioneer David Miscavige flew in uncommonly, and superstar Scientologists John Travolta, spouse Kelly Preston, and Kirstie Back street additionally showed up.

The Congregation was endeavoring to purchase up a prime real estate parcel and were schmoozing VIPs with their fabulous plans to transform Clearwater downtown into a Scientology-controlled zone of shops and workplaces, with an amusement territory sponsored by Tom Journey himself.

As indicated by Irwin, days before the occasion, Scientology executives had inquired as to whether he concurred with their recommendations, and not understanding the inquiry was stacked, Irwin admits: ‘I said they had enough property, they needn’t bother with any new ones nearby.’

Of course, Irwin wasn’t welcome to the capacity.

‘Everybody got welcomed separated from me. They had John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Kirstie Back road, however they reprimanded me. I didn’t know it was going ahead until the point when other individuals educated me concerning it,’ he says.

Be that as it may, at that point Irwin says he chanced upon Kelly Preston in the city and disclosed to her how he felt.

‘It was Easter Sunday, Kelly was strolling by, she sat down and we talked for thirty minutes and said I ought to get over it.

She was correct, however I stated: ‘I would not like to pass up a great opportunity with my photo brought with you!’ I’d really liked her as far back as the motion picture Twins. She stated: ‘In the event that you need my photo, how about we take a photo together,’ says Irwin.

‘I felt better about everything, why hold resentment? I’d met Travolta some time recently, I addressed him, and he was awesome, super decent person, this was around two years prior, he had a debut at Legislative hall Theater nearby. When you meet individuals that decent, it’s difficult to despise the thing they have a place with.’

Be that as it may, Irwin says Scientology PRs additionally attempted to keep him from doing any meetings with nearby television and daily papers, who were all quick to get notification from the person who had first set foot in Tom Voyage’s new cushion.

The Congregation made him an offer. ‘They said we’ll do our own particular thing for you to pitch the bar, I stated, I don’t need that kind of reputation, I need individuals from each religion.

‘They said they would set me up with a few big names to posture for pictures. I didn’t know whether to trust them.’

So he denied it, including: ‘Everybody went icy, individuals quit conversing with me, quit saying greetings, individuals who I see each day, they never again talk. They’d brought me treats and cake and asked how everything was going before this.’

At that point the strangeness started, he asserts. It began with new clients posing specialized inquiries about the bar and the committee calling round to pull him up on little encroachments of neighborhood laws.

‘I had two or three irregular clients in my bar, making unusual remarks, sufficiently only to influence me to consider it.

‘At that point I’m beginning to get got with infringement city codes, inept stuff, they disclosed to me I had excessively signage in my window. I don’t know whether it’s them [Scientology]. You just believe it’s them,’ he said.

In any case, the peculiarities turned evil when Irwin was strolling his canine and he unearthed a camera in a neighbor’s yard, which pointed at his home. His neighbor, Irwin claims, is a Scientologist.

‘It was June fifteenth I was strolling my pooch, he was woofing at this hedge, I thought it was a little quiver, I hoped to perceive what it was… it was a camera. I thought it was a nature camera, at that point it was, similar to, hold up a moment, that is pointing at my home.

‘This is not a nature camera, this is a covert agent camera. I hauled it out of the ground, and thought, would you say you are cracking joking me?’

‘It took me seven days to break the documents, as they were ensured, however I’m entirely great with PCs, and they had been watching my home, it was truly unpleasant seeing my auto and me strolling around.

‘There was likewise past film of another family from February or Walk time.

Irwin says it took three days of thumping on his neighbors’ entryways before he could get some information about the gadget.

‘I asked: ‘Have you put a camera in your hedge pointing at my home? They stated: ‘No’. ‘It is safe to say that you are certain?’

‘Why was the camera in the yard of a Scientologist? I influenced a police to report and addressed the FBI, who instructed me to contact the neighborhood specialists, and they need to take the camera.

‘In any case, I need to ensure I have every one of the documents off the camera first. The police have been co-agent and said they will get to the base of it. They were exceptionally thoughtful.’

Calls to the Clearwater police by DailyMail.com have not been returned.

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