Now that’s a school run! Footage shows brave children in India crossing a raging river caused by monsoon rain so that they don’t miss class

All it takes is a light tidying of snow for schools to shut in England yet it is an altogether different story in India.

Not even a seething stream could keep these youths away from making it to their classes on time.

Remarkable film shot in the northern India area of Himachal has risen demonstrating schoolchildren crossing the overflowed stream.

The nail-gnawing cut shows students deliberately treading over the swollen waterway that was made by in serious rainstorm season.

Youngsters can be seen unsafely navigating through the water — some conveying extremely youthful understudies on their backs.

They additionally connect arms and shape a bind to keep their associates from being cleared away.

‘There is a great deal of grass and vegetation on the tricky pathways in the town. Danger of snakes and flashflood is dependably there,’ villager Deendyal Sharma told the Seasons of India.

Locale specialists are supposedly embarking to address the perilous intersection.

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