Twin Peaks actor arraigned in court and charged with attempted murder after ‘beating his girlfriend with a baseball bat because she wouldn’t get him KOOL-AID’

An on-screen character who visitor featured on a scene of ‘Twin Pinnacles: The Arrival’ was summoned at a Spokane courthouse on Friday, blamed for endeavoring to kill his better half.

Jeremy R Lindholm has been accused of endeavored second degree kill after he supposedly attempted to beat his better half with a homerun stick.

Spokane police captured Lindholm, 41, as he fled the 420 Undergarments boutique with a homerun stick in his grasp in Spokane, Washington.

He told specialists that he was disturbed in light of the fact that his better half declined to go to the store to get him Kool-Help before she backpedaled to work.

Video observation at the boutique seems to indicate Lindholm is seen hitting the casualty on the head and her body with the bat more than twelve times, as per court archives.

Video is likewise said to demonstrate him stifling her, hurling her to the ground and hopped on her, compelling his knee on her chest. The casualty said that he likewise said he needed to slaughter her.

The performing artist shared that he would not like to hurt his better half however needed to constrain police to shoot him before her, as per reports,

The sweetheart didn’t have hazardous wounds yet she needed to go to the neighborhood healing center in a rescue vehicle.

Lindholm was accused of endeavored second-degree kill, second-degree attack and unlawful detainment abusive behavior at home.

He is as of now being held in the Spokane Region Correctional facility on $100,000 bond and was requested not to reach the casualty by the judge.

Z Country maker Steve Graham affirmed that the Spokane local was a normal foundation performer on the arrangement, regularly playing zombies.

‘We were astonished and stunned and worried for the family,’ he said.

‘Jeremy has been extremely dynamic in the film group here. We truly just know him by his work and he’s done great work for us.’

The show will take after the trial and if sentenced, will serious ties with Lindholm.

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