In her hands Diana had a photo of her sons – and Mother Theresa’s rosary beads: Minute by shattering minute, the day that dawned with news of unimaginable horror

From Princess Diana’s terrible demise in a Paris auto collision to her moving memorial service at Westminster Monastery, it was seven days that stunned England as well as whatever is left of the world.

In a strong and capable arrangement to check the twentieth commemoration, Jonathan Mayo reproduces those seismic occasions however the eyes of royals, lawmakers, Diana’s family and companions and the crushed open…

Sunday, August 31, 3.15am, UK time/4.15am, Paris and Cape Town

In South Africa, Charles Spencer is on the telephone to his sister, Jane, whose spouse, Sir Robert Fellowes, is the Ruler’s Private Secretary. At Balmoral, Ruler Charles can hear Sir Robert on a different line out of sight all of a sudden say, ‘Gracious, no … ”

Charles says to Stephen Lamport, his Private Secretary: ‘They’re all going to point the finger at me, right? … The world will go totally frantic, would it say it isn’t? We will see a response we’ve never observed. It could crush everything. It could decimate the government.’

‘Indeed, sir, I figure it could,’ Lamport answers.

‘It will be exceptionally troublesome for your mom, sir. She will need to do things she might not have any desire to do, or feel good doing, but rather in the event that she doesn’t do them, at that point that is the finish of it.’

Operation Overlord, the official intend to bring back the body of an individual from the Imperial Family from abroad, swings without hesitation.


On the Scottish island of Seil, Diana’s mom, Frances Shand Kydd has been informed that her little girl is dead. She has likewise been advised not to tell any other individual until the point that the news has been formally reported. Troubled at not being capable even to call a companion for help, Frances is hollering at the TV news: ‘Go ahead! Go ahead! Tell the world!’

The Ruler composes a note for the Ruler Mother to be given to her when she awakens, advising her of Diana’s demise.

3.30am/4.30am (Paris)

BBC Illustrious Reporter Jennie Bond has discovered a taxi firm to drive her the 250 miles from her home in Devon to TV Center in West London. Her taxi has two drivers so they can alternate.

They know how critical it is for Jennie to arrive rapidly, so they have taken the taxi close down the rooftop to decrease wind resistance. On the rearward sitting arrangement, Jennie has her ear squeezed to a versatile radio.

On Seil, now she knows for sure that her little girl is dead, Frances Shand Kydd is unloading the bag that she’d prior prepared so she could visit Diana in healing center.

The surgery on Dodi’s protector, Trevor Rees-Jones — who was in the front seat of the smashed auto — proceeds at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Healing facility. One of France’s best facial specialists, Dr Luc Chikhani, is shutting the injuries, wiring Rees-Jones’ jawbone incidentally back set up and taking throws of his teeth.

4.41am/5.41am (Paris)

The Press Affiliation issues a newsflash: ‘Diana, Princess of Grains has passed on, as indicated by English sources, the Press Affiliation took in toward the beginning of today.’

4.55am/5.55am (Paris)

In a clinic gathering room, English Represetative Sir Michael Jay declares to the holding up Press that Diana has kicked the bucket.

Mohamed Al Fayed’s protector Kez Wingfield and Ritz escort Phillippe Dourneau are driving out to Le Bourget air terminal to gather their supervisor. The helicopter lands similarly as they arrive.

Wingfield’s versatile rings. It’s the English Government office disclosing to him that Diana is dead. Al Fayed strolls towards him, flanked by two protectors.

Wingfield accomplishes something he’s never done and puts his arm round his manager. ‘I’m sad for your misfortune, sir, yet I have some more terrible news for you … ”

5am/6am (Paris)

Diana’s secretary, Jackie Allen, has as of late touched base at Kensington Royal residence and is currently supporting the Princess’ head servant, Paul Burrell. ‘Paul, you will need to be solid. I’m sorry to learn to reveal to you this, yet the Princess has passed on.’ They both begin to cry.

An examination has been performed on Diana and her body taken to a bed in a first-floor room in Pitié-Salpêtrière, a white cotton sheet set up to her neck.

Mohamed Al Fayed is being crashed into Paris by Phillippe Dourneau and Kez Wingfield. All of a sudden Al Fayed yells: ‘I trust the English government is fulfilled now!’ A stunned Wingfield answers: ‘No one could have wished this, Sir.’

Dourneau tells his supervisor that there’s talk at the Ritz that Henri Paul, who was driving Diana and Dodi, had been drinking.


On BBC One, Martyn Lewis, wearing a plain dark tie, says seriously: ‘This is BBC TV from London. Diana, Princess of Grains, has kicked the bucket after an auto collision in Paris. The French government reported her passing just before 5 o’clock at the beginning of today. Buckingham Castle affirmed the news in no time a short time later.

‘Typical projects have been suspended while we present to you the most recent advancements for the duration of the morning.’

At that point as the National Song of devotion plays, the screen demonstrates a Union banner at half-pole with a subtitle that peruses: ‘Diana, Princess of Grains, 1961 — 1997.’ A solitary news program is currently communicated on all the BBC’s systems.

5.30am/6.30am (Paris)

Wearing dim glasses, Mohamed Al Fayed touches base at the healing facility to be met by Sir Michael Jay and French authorities. He’s arrived so rapidly, they accept that he should as of now have been in Paris. They disclose to him that Dodi’s body isn’t here and that it’s been taken to a close-by funeral home. At Kensington Royal residence, a bundle of lilies wrapped in daily paper has been left at the entryways. It is the first of a large number.

Inside the Royal residence, Paul Burrell is in Diana’s condos gathering things to take to Paris. Burrell takes a gander at the Princess’ work area with its wellspring pen and jug of Quink, alongside a rundown of words to enhance her vocabulary.

He grabs an arrangement of rosary dots given to the Princess by Mother Teresa, which is hung over a little statue of the Virgin Mary, and places them in his pocket. Burrell at that point gathers some of Diana’s make-up and puts it in a calfskin Gladstone sack with a gold D as an afterthought.

He puts her adornments in the safe and closes every one of the blinds. Together with Diana’s driver Colin Tebbutt, they circumvent the condo fixing the entryways with solid package tape to quit anything being irritated.

6am/7am (Paris and Cape Town)

ITN is giving over to GMTV. As they go off air, newsreader Dermot Murnaghan swings to the Regal Journalist Nicholas Owen and says in dismay: ‘Would she say she is truly dead?’

Pictures from the crash indicating Diana in the back of the auto are showing up on PC screens in newsrooms around the globe. No English daily paper will distribute them.

In Paris, Mohamed Al Fayed and Kez Wingfield are holding up outside the funeral home. Somebody has gone searching for the keys. Wingfield takes a gander at his supervisor, remaining in stun, gazing at the entryways.

Charles Spencer is breaking the news to his four kids. ‘I are very brave news for you. I’m anxious Close relative Diana’s been murdered.’

‘Not, all things considered, Daddy … ” one of his little girls says. ‘Indeed, I’m anxious it’s actual,’ he answers.

6.10am/7.10am (Paris)

Sovereign Charles is strolling alone in the grounds of Balmoral. For as far back as couple of hours he’s been making further calls to Camilla Parker Bowles and to companions. Charles knows he should soon break the news of their mom’s demise to William and Harry.

Inside the funeral home, Mohamed Al Fayed looks down at the body named No. 2146.

He supposes Dodi resembles a young man once more, and settled.


The principal Princess Diana tribute site shows up on the web. Channel Five is indicating kid’s shows. In Bolton, yearning comic Subside Kay returns home after a gig. His mum has left him a note: ‘Princess Diana’s been slaughtered in a fender bender and there’s shepherd’s pie in the ice chest.’

6.45am/7.45am (Paris)

Regal Journalist Jennie Bond is communicating live from a news studio at BBC television Center. She is wearing a dark coat that she has kept in the closet office for simply such an event. On her feet she is wearing shoreline shoes.

A BBC building chief indicates out one of the news group that a subtitle saying “Practice” hasn’t been put on the screen. He is told in a pressing whisper: ‘This is no doubt!’

Mohamed Al Fayed is sitting in the Ritz, holding up as the conventions expected to take Dodi’s body back to Britain are concluded.

In Dodi’s loft, Diana’s belonging are being gathered. Steward René Delorm finds the Repossi ring [made by the firm of that name], silver sleeve buttons that had a place with Diana’s dad, and a silver-confined sonnet given to Diana by Dodi.


The principal Princess Diana scheme site shows up on the web.


Radio show have Chris Tarrant is flying home from Canada. A companion sitting by him has a duplicate of Hi! magazine open at a photo of Dodi and Diana.

An attendant says: ‘I don’t feel that is fitting now, sir,’ and she educates them concerning the crash. There is the sound of crying as news spreads around the plane.


Sovereign Charles awakens William and discloses to him his mom has passed on. Together they go to Harry’s room.

8am/9am (Paris)

Activity is going through the Alma burrow by and by, under eight hours after the mischance. The main confirmation of the crash is an extensive opening in the thirteenth column.

At the Institut Médico Legitimate in Paris, the after death on the assortment of driver Henri Paul starts.


At Balmoral, a hurriedly orchestrated gathering is occurring. Charles needs to go to Paris to gather Diana’s body however the Ruler is not sharp. She supposes he ought to stay with his children.

An equerry breaks the stalemate. ‘Would you lean toward, ma’am, that the body of the Princess of Ribs be gotten home a Harrods van?’


At RAF Northolt toward the west of London, 51-year-old Squadron Pioneer Graham Laurie is informed that he will be flying Diana’s body home in one of the Regal Squadron’s BAe-146 planes. This shows an issue since it requires a supposed ‘pine box fit’ — the inclusion of an altered floor in the back hold. Fitte

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